Beginning at the roots, Rising Lotus was created to encapsulate the beauty in growth and balance of a woman who works fiercely and adventures freely.

With our community in mind, our brand makes conscious choices every day to become one step closer towards a waste-free future. We believe looking good is about feeling good

Our number one goal is to create pieces that do not harm our planet—to offer tasteful activewear that our community can feel good about purchasing.

We went from having 20% of our products being made from recycled fabrics, to 50% in 2019. Now, 80% of our latest collection will be produced from recycled fabrics.

Our promise to you: we won’t stop there.


The recycled polyester is made out of post-consumer recycled plastics, the majority of which are plastic bottles. The polyester is made by breaking down used plastic into small, thin chips, which are then melted and spun into strands of yarn.

Recycling single-use plastics dramatically decreases greenhouse gas emissions
compared to producing non-recycled polyester.

Water usage is also significantly decreased during the manufacturing process. Our brand represents slow fashion and our activewear is built to last.

Our recycled polyester meets the Global Recycled Standard.


Applying this environmentally friendly mindset to all aspects of our brand, we use 100% biodegradable mailers and garment bags. Within 2 years, they are guaranteed to biodegrade on their own in the open environment.


Included in your order, we gift reusable canvas tote bags to help customers practice reducing waste in their lifestyle as well.

Our tote bags can be used for anything- take it to the beach, carry your school books, take home your groceries, and the list goes on.


In an effort to bring our brand full circle, we have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to give back to our Mother Earth in thanks for all that she provides for us.

In honor of every Rising Lotus item purchased, a tree will be planted. In that way, we hope our brand ethos can resonate with our community. Learn more about the Eden Reforestation Projects here.

We continuously strive to offer a better version of ourselves, so you can focus on
building a better you.