Our Story

The lotus flower is one of our planet’s most beautiful gifts. Growing in muddy waters, it remains beneath the surface until dawn, when it emerges on the surface in full bloom. Like the lotus flower, we acknowledge our need for self improvement and taking refuge, so that we can emerge shining our brightest light into the world.

Rising Lotus is an athleisure brand for the women of the world who are actively strengthening their bodies and minds everyday. We are your essential foundation for this life, what you live in as you experience the adventure and exploration of pursuing your best self.

Our Values

Protecting the earth is important to us, which is why we work with a substantial amount of recycled material, and have fostered relationships with manufacturing partners who share our values.

In defiance of fast fashion, we make high quality, lasting garments, using unique and exclusive prints. We are one of a kind, and we want our clothes to feel unlike any other. Our soft, recycled materials stretch to your needs and wick away moisture, so you feel good throughout the day.

RL Girl

[R-L-gurl] noun

An RL Girl is lively, adventurous, and not afraid to follow her own passion. She yearns to explore the world beyond her comfort zone and absorb the journey towards self discovery. She is studious and centered in her decisions, but continuously wanders through dreamscapes filled with inpsiration.

With her confident outlook and visionary aspirations of the world, she won’t let little bumps in the road throw her off balance. As a true dreamer, she’s always seeking her next adventure, while her keen understanding and knowledgeable background keep her well planned and prepared. Whether it’s a trip to the park or a trip to Kathmandu, her mind is always hungry with excitement for what new challenges and experiences tomorrow might bring, and what great stories she’ll be able to tell after.